Tadao Ando 
Japanese architect


One of the world’s most active Japanese architects, known for his style of exposed concrete and the use of geometric shapes. He traveled around the world and taught himself architecture. Former professional boxer.

『Alvar Aalto Medal』『Carlsberg Architectural Prize』『Pritzker Prize』『RIBA Royal Gold Medal』『AIA Gold Medal』『Neutra Medal for Professional Excellence』

「Row House in Sumiyoshi」「The Church of the Light」「Omotesando Hills」「Chichu Art Museum」「21 21 Design Sight」


1941 ( 0) Born in Osaka
1958 (17) Obtained a professional boxer license (ring name Great Ando)
1960 (19) Graduated from Osaka Prefectural Joto Technical High School
1965 (24) America, Europe, Africa, Asia Wandering twice for 4 years
1968 (27) Studied under Eisuke Mizutani, an urban planning and design office
1969 (28) Established Tadao Ando Architectural Institute
1976 (35) Row House in Sumiyoshi design
1979 (38) Architectural Institute of Japan Award (Row House in Sumiyoshi)
1986 (45) Chapel of the Wind
1987 (46) Appointed as a visiting professor at Yale University
1988 (47) Appointed as a visiting professor at Columbia University
1988 (47) Chapel on the Water
1989 (48) Church of Light
1989 (48) Appointed as a visiting professor at Harvard University
1991 (50) Solo exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art, New York
1993 (52) Pompidou Center solo exhibition in Paris
1993 (52) Japan Art Academy Prize
1995 (54) Pritzker Prize
1997 (56) Appointed as a professor at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo
2002 (61) Appointed as a visiting professor at the University of Southern California
2003 (62) Retired from the University of Tokyo and became an emeritus professor
2003 (62) Person of Cultural Merit
2004 (63) Chichu Art Museum
2005 (64) Received the life title of Special Honorary Professor from the University of Tokyo
2005 (64) International Union of Architects (UIA) Gold Medal
2006 (65) Omotesando Hills
2010 (69) John F. Kennedy Center Art Gold Award, Goto Shinpei Award, Order of Culture
2011 (70) Deputy Chairman of the Reconstruction Design Council for the Great East Japan Earthquake
2012 (71) Chairman of the Jury of the National Stadium International Design Competition
2013 (72) French Arts and Culture Medal (Commandur)
2015 (74) Order of Merit of the Republic of Italy Grande Ufficale
2016 (75) Isamu Noguchi Award
2017 (76) The National Art Center, Tokyo Tadao Ando Exhibition “Challenge” held
2018 (77) Paris Pompidou Center Tadao Ando Exhibition “Challenge” held
2019 (78) Chairman of the Logo Mark Selection Committee of the 2025 Japan International Exposition (Expo)
2020 (79) Expo Sakura 2025 Executive Committee Chairman


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